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February 3, 2017, 7:21 pm
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Dear friends,

20161209_170824            On one of my first trips to Haiti almost 18 years ago, I stayed in the town of “Les Cayes” in Haiti’s ‘deep south’, at a church-school-orphanage compound.  While there, I met a few Haitians from Cape Haitian (Haiti’s extreme north) who spoke somewhat scornfully of the ‘southerners’ whom they considered less disciplined and generally less serious than their fellow northerners.  And so I learned that Haiti, like the U.S. and France, has a “Mason-Dixon” line with significant cultural differences and regional rivalries between the north and the south.  In any case, my most recent (Dec.4-10) teaching gig near Cape Haitian was with a very dedicated group of 17 students at “Seminaire Emmaus.”

As part of the Master’s program under the auspices of Indiana Wesleyan University, we went through the French version of Dr. Rich Ramsay’s “Christian World-view course.”  We might have some theological differences with our Methodist brethren, but—unlike the partisans of certain theological liberalism of which most of our pre-Enlightenment Haitian students know little—there’s a solid basis for discussion with any who will submit to the authority of the Bible.  As for the so-called ‘liberals’: their distorted view of the authority of Scripture is a deal-breaker which renders discussion impossible.    In any case, we’re delighted to teach wherever they will have us and are scheduled to return Jan.22-28 for the second part of the course which will include Aline’s instruction on how to prepare the proper French dissertation necessary for obtaining their diplomas but a challenge for folk from an essentially oral culture.

Speaking of these students: we’re grateful to report that, thanks to an exceptional investment in our support account, we’re able to purchase some French study Bibles for worthy students in Haiti for whom this kind of investment—indispensable for any serious student of the Word—is beyond their modest means.  We use this opportunity to thank our supporters for makings this possible, as well as for the purchase of our radio air-time and the evangelistic calendars we distribute to our French and Quebecois acquaintances each year—all of these expenditures are among the most ‘cost-effective’ means of advancing the Kingdom…

Finally, a gift made it possible for us to travel to Orange County, California (Dec.27-Jan.1) to see our pregnant daughter, son-in-law, and young grand-daughter who could not be with us this year for fear of the Florida-centered zika virus.  We much enjoyed this time with the finest granddaughter in the world—save for all the others. The easy-going sociability of most California folks we met is a noticeable contrast with the more ‘in-your-face’ aggressiveness of our S. Florida experience.    Still, the universal sin-nature is evident even in our determined, precocious 18 month-old granddaughter Elea who will no doubt rule a nation someday. She much reminds us of our older son at the same age—the quintessential strong-willed child.   We reassured our pregnant daughter that you only get one like that.  For the Lord doesn’t give you more than you can handle. As for so-called infantile “innocence”: a wise matron of a Carolina church once told us: “Anyone who doesn’t believe in original sin has obviously never kept the nursery.”   Amen.

While Elea was napping, I cycled over to a nearby café with the intentions of writing-out some Christmas cards.  But through a couple of providential encounters, I spent entire afternoons in deep conversation with a couple of 45 year-old searchers.  So the cards didn’t go out t’il after New Year’s.  But something very precious was shared… And I suppose the Good Samaritan who stopped on the Jericho road was probably late for his appointment—priorities oblige.

We’ll be driving up to Georgia soon to meet with a group from a Lutheran Seminary affiliated with a supporting church. Constant exposure to diverse theological viewpoints forces us to focus on the essential gospel message which has remained the same over millennia. God is Holy and we’re not, so we all need a Savior.  We learn all about Him through the Bible.  It’s that simple.




For blessed Christmas visit of our two sons and my 92 year old dad…

For a blessed visit to California with our daughter Anaïs and son-in-law Eric.

For Elea, the world’s most adorable granddaughter.



For Haitian teaching trip Jan.22-8.

For the spiritual welfare of our sons.

For an eventual replacement or our 21 year old car which died over the holidays.



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