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No.1 son  in Montpelllier (August 2014)Calix, Aline a Montpellier (3)No.1 son with Aline in Montpellier (August 2014)

Anais, Calix, Justin   No.1 son moved to Montpellier from Marseille, France, where he did a two-year “BTS (brevet de technician superieur) degree in airplane mechanics. He’s now  looking for work in the airline industry…




Justin and Anais (Christmas 2012?)

Justin:  No. 2 son (32) is still living in the Dominican Republic in the  town of Cabrera,  on the north shore of the Dominican Republic where he has been since August ’09.     He teaches tennis, does a bit of surfing and is trying to market his famous “Salsa Macho” condiment [see his facebook page] .  Conditions are difficult (it’s hot and often no electricity) and the pay pathetic,  but he enjoys teaching children and playing soccer with his mostly Haitian buddies in his spare time.


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Anais:  Daughter Anais (30) is happily married to her “Viking Prince” (Eric, and engineer at Boeing), working full-time at Raytheon.   She’s solid in her faith, and pleased with both her studies and her work environment.  What more can one ask for?


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