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From November until April,   Monday through Friday from 8:55 to 9:00 on WHSR 980 AM (Boca Raton)

Listen online to Marc on Radio Floride.

    Since August of 1998, Marc and Aline have been based in Broward county where there are as many as ½ million French-speakers.  These include Haitians, Quebecois (both seasonal and permanent residents), and over 30,000 continental French.  Outreach to these groups has involved daily evangelical messages over Radio Floride, a French Canadian station which broadcasts (in French) six months of the year (November-April).   The listeners include virtually all the Quebecois “snow birds” who winter in S. Florida, but also thousands of Haitians and other “Francophiles” desperate to listen to anything in their native language.           

     Another part of the ministry in the Sunshine State is teaching at “I.B.T.F.” (L’Institut Biblique et Théologique de la Floride), a Haitian Bible school started by Rev. Jean Petit in 1997 for the badly needed theological training of S. Florida’s thousands of Haitian believers and church leaders and for which Marc also serves as a secretary for public relations.       

    For leisure activity, Marc is a member of one of the three S. Florida “pétanque” clubs, whose members are mostly continental French.  

Marc and Rene D. at Miami pétanque tournament

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