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Mme.+ Alain Berard +Aline    

Aline with Alain+ Helene at their home in Anduze


Aline, Anne and Soizik Aline with Anne and Soizik near Anduze  (August 2014)Marc, Aline chez Berard (3)

Marc and Aline chez Alain + Helene in Anduze

 Aline, 2CV a Anduze

Aline in front of Anduze clock tower (1320) with Protestant “Temple” (reconstructed in 1823) in backgroundYves, Philippe, Marc, Claude, Dominique, Kathie, Dede, Mamie, Florence, Aline, Huguette (2)A memorable meal with some members of the extended family including “tante Huguette” in foreground [near Salindres, August 2014]


St. Mary Magdelene, "sister of Martha and Lazarus", according to stained glass window in Plan de Cuques Church

St. Mary Magdalene,

St. Mary Magdelene, “sister of Martha and Lazarus” according to stained glass window of Plan de Cuques church



 Since 2006,  Aline and Marc have been privileged to return to France in the summers to help in the church-planting effort among the folks of Marseille.  As in much of post-Christian Western Europe where the spiritual temperatures have descended to arctic levels, the ministry in metropolitan France involves as much evangelism as edification of the few believers. 

    Unlike the work in the Antilles among a generally simpler, spiritually receptive folk, the ministry on the continent often involves more apologetic-type discussions with more sophisticated folk who remain tragically ignorant of even the basic truths of the Gospel.  One has to have thick skin (like Jeremiah) to work among the often cynical, critical French where visible results are meager.  

   Still, we detected a slightly greater spiritual receptiveness in recent summers.  This past summer in Anduze in the department of the Gard was particularly delightful.         

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